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Sending your research further

We are a collective of dedicated media gurus who specialise in providing creative solutions to distinguish your research and engage with broader communities. Breaking down barriers between science and society.

What we Do

At RPI we provide a platform for researchers to share their studies whilst ensuring the work is in context by providing supporting data and conclusions.

With our help your work could reach huge global audiences - we communicate your science in an easy to understand language in an engaging creative format, leaving you to concentrate on your research.

How we do it

  • Collaborate
  • We work with research teams, seeking to share information in an easy-to-understand format. RPI simplifies complex concepts and clarifies language, embellishing articles with illustrative charts and professional graphics to make research accessible.

  • Disseminate
  • We share information across a range of platforms via our open access model. This process includes our professional e-journal that is sent out across the world and is available to anyone.

  • Engage
  • We communicate science in an easy to understand language to engage with big worldwide audiences in a format designed to appeal to a broad range of stakeholders.

Our Core Services


We offer multimedia content designed to engage the audience and encourage viewers to take an active interest in your great research.


Our free Research Features magazine contains the latest scientific news written by skilled journalists and presented in an intuitive format.

Research Social Media

Social Media Management solutions for Scientists, Researchers and Labs seeking a professional approach to Social Media outreach. We help you reach the masses.

Video production

We operate video production services on a worldwide basis - providing face to face insight into the working of your lab or department. From creating scripts, conducting interviews, through to the final edit according to your brief - we can handle it all.

What our clients say

Being interviewed by Research Features was remarkably painless! The questions were thoughtful and informed, and the editorial process was efficient and accurate. All the things that one might expect from a journal, but rarely encounter! The finished article was also beautifully presented. All in all a pleasure.

Professor Sir Rory Collins
Principal Investigator and Chief Executive of UK Biobank
Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology, University of Oxford
Fellow of Green Templeton College, Oxford.

Do you have a Science project?

Whether you are a scientist, academic, perhaps in communications and marketing of academia, please contact us to find out how we could help promote your work. Let’s get your research out there!