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We understand that researchers are among the busiest people on the planet – and don’t always have the time or the skills to explore the creation and distribution of an easily digestible message which covers the essence of their work.
We help your science to reach the largest possible international audiences by creating wonderful content and promoting your message wide and far with a barrier free distribution ethos.

Research Publishing International

Take Your Research Further

We have helped many researchers and their teams to reach a wider audience with their research project

Research Features Magazine

Research Features is one of the world’s leading publications who’s aim is to disseminate complex basic and applied sciences in a format which is enjoyed by a broader audience. We publish Research Features magazine to a diverse global audience on an Open Access basis.

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Sci Ani – Science Animated

Sci Ani brings you one of the world’s first endeavours to truly bridge the gap between scientific literature and Animated content. Animation is highly a engaging format, and over a three minute timeframe can deliver the equivalent of 20,000 words of written content. We feel this is the perfect platform to disseminate research.

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Research Social Media

RSM was born out of multiple conversations with researcher who see a real benefit in connecting with a broad audience over an ongoing basis. Social Media can now be considered one of the most prominent and important engagement tools of the modern era. We help you get the ball rolling and can even provide long term Social Media Management support.

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Whether you are a scientist, academic, perhaps in communications and marketing of academia, please contact us to find out how we could help promote your work. Let’s get your research out there!